A Book Review of Lighting the Dark Side – Six Modern Tales by William R Potter

If you are not already a fan of short stories
will this book change your opinion. In light of the dark side – Six Modern Tales
William Potter three novellas and three short stories written that
as he says
“features leading characters
their lives are as normal as possible
and then suddenly in extraordinary situations. “These six stories cover almost thriller and suspense genre mystery
and even romance. The character development in each story is amazing. All the main characters are well written. The dialogue never comes out as stilted or artificial. Mr. Potter might find in some exceptional companies used some of the best authors
as if he had ever expected. The first story
not broken us with Dwayne Johnson
a character who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder
an illness that makes him very obviously socially backward. Dwayne drives by a certain bus stop every morning on the way to work
he looks for someone special. Someone he has called “Black-Coat Girl.” The unexpected happens and Dwayne’s life takes a dramatic turn when he finally gets her face to face. The next story
in the gray is a very short story where the reader gets a glimpse into the life of Michael Conner. Most of the story is a telephone conversation with his mother
but from a single phone call we can all we need to know about Michael
his family and his past. It’s amazing how much information the author can in less than a dozen pages to squeeze. celebrity couples Slain is a great old-fashioned detective / thriller. In this story we are Detective Jack Staal
a burnt-out homicide detective who has just transferred to face the stress of the city with a terrible murder of his new town’s most prominent couple introduced. ; The premise is the next story that 18 May
2010 the last day of civilization. The comet is Ivan on a collision course to destroy everything
and it will soon be here
but will do all Trevor
is coming home to be with his girlfriend
Kelly-Anne. For some reason it’s not the comet
that Trevor
but something else cares. He feels that he has already lived through this disaster many times before. Can he change the future? Who has not dreamed of winning a multi-million dollar lottery? Lighting the Dark Side fifth story
curse or blessing? deals with that exact issue. The main character
Brad Stewart has won 11 million dollars? Imagine all the things he can do with the money. Imagine what he buys. Imagine
how much his life will change. Brad imagine all this
but he was not
that plan for a lottery winner
he was the target of a blackmailer who has become his son was kidnapped! The last story
Surviving the Fall is an exciting thriller that takes a week or so before Christmas. In it
James Goodale will witness a young woman from a moving vehicle and threw them at home takes care of them. Unfortunately
Ashley has a dangerous past catches up to her and James. This story is fast-paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Each and every one of the stories contains two of the most important elements in a good story and believable characters and interesting situations. This book offers much more than expected. I am looking forward to more of William Potter’s works in the future. Now pay attention – is use your Facebook Fan Page for your business exposure and revenue increase was easier than you told me. Each of a Facebook fan page from the same two problems: [Problem # 1] How interested Facebook users Search [Problem # 2] So they bring their Fans Will Facebook Fan supply
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