LG ' s new phone called the LG Cookie Plus GS500 and it was in France recently debuted

When you think of LG Cookie field, your first thought "affordable, touchscreen, and Chocolate Chip," or maybe that’s just me. LG have now come back with another batch. The new phone is the LG Cookie called Plus GS500 and was recently made his debut in France. It is a budget touchscreen phone and LG have the device with 3G coverage, support for a range of messaging features including social networking and a digital camera loaded. When the phone is like its predecessors in the cookie section, it will see a lot of success. Aesthetically, the cookie-Plus is a little easier to look than the previous cookie model, it has smoother lines and is ever so slightly smaller and lighter on the screen the same larger SSE is the WQVGA screen measures 3 inches, which is basically the minimum requirement for a full touch-sensitive smartphone. It is black in three different colors, including purple and natural. Where the keys were in the old cookie squarer, LG have decided to round them for a sparkling appearance. The bubbles do not end up in the looks department but the interface on the phone is great and very interactive fun and games, it includes the Live Square a mini world populated by your favorite contacts , appear only your contacts as a mini-creatures. The general user experience is wonderful, the say the least, and although the screen is in contrast to resistive-capacitive technology is still quite appealing and is an abundant navigation tool for this phone. 3G plays a major role in the handheld phones is now a mobile social networking more popular in all target groups. The cookie-Plus 3G luckily this time, and it is working hard behind the scenes in support of the mobile phone online aspects such as social networking and Web browsing. You can find your Facebook account directly on your screen, while others have used sites like Twitter and Flickr also there way to the phone. The LG Cookie Plus has been supported by the variety of communication, it has been enriched. To the basic calling and messaging, it is unique LG Editable Screenshot MMS, this allows you to save images and web pages from the web browser, edit and send them to friends. E-mail is another option, and you can calibrate the device to your inbox, send and receive. Managing fully loaded digital camera system includes a 3MP lens and it is reasonably capable of video recording. There is a video player and music player included, both can play more file types during a 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack lets you plug in headphones. The memory can be expanded through the microSD slot and micro USB port allows the connection and synchronize your cookie Plus to a PC. The LG Cookie field turns out to be quite a force in the current market brought buyers seam its great value for money and affordability appreciate. The cookie-Plus is the first in the field of 3G and boast that is only if the evidence that LG look to the cookie brand, a house hold name among smartphone enthusiasts.

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