Nokia N97

Nokia N97 is with great communication facilities designed and fully fill the "needs of Internet-savvy consumers." Nokia N97 with slide-out full QWERTY keyboard 3.5 – inch touch screen presented. The smartphone offers easy access to a range of social networking sites and Web-browser support Flash streaming videos. The handset is equipped with a massive 32GB internal memory. The 5-megapixel camera with 20 x digital is capable of delivering DVD-quality photos in all lighting conditions. Nokia calls this "the world’s most advanced mobile computer." The Nokia N97 is a multimedia smartphone, N97 is one of the most powerful smartphones yet. This is a competitor for the iPhone model. Nokia N97 will be launched in mid 2009 and the expected price is $ 600 to $ 900. The N97 may be the future of notebook or laptop / smartphone hybrid, but with less price. It supports Ovi cloud-based services. Nokia N97 features: Design: Available in white or black and resembles a iPhone.Internet and connectivity: support for high-speed data access through HSDPA and Wi-Fi networks. Easy and fast connections to Internet services. Easy text entry with QWERTY keyboard and touch-screen live personalized home screen widgets up-to-date information on RSS feeds full genome compatible with Ovi services software and social networking websites : The Nokia N97 is based on the Symbian OS, Facebook or MySpace is based. Have built-in GPS capabilities that automatically your location. video and TV Watch high-quality video on the large 3.5 inch screen, 16:9 video playback, music and pictures on TV with TV-Out Music search, browse and purchase songs online in Nokia Music Store Enjoy great audio through standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, stereo speakers or Bluetooth technology built. Online Shopping

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