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Blue Season – Answers by an astronaut By Wendell W Solomons Click the link for illustrated Power Point Show—Answers-From-an-Astronaut history had seen waves of demonstrations to end the Vietnam War. How would you keep if necessary
demonstrations off the streets in cities like New York
London and Paris? were later linked to the young people out and then the street protests alone seems to break. The West has not seen such waves of demonstrations since the 1960s. Curious? lysergic acid
a hallucinogen
had influence in Sandoz Labs in Switzerland in 1938 by experimenting with a mushroom extract rye
the food grain. Sandoz went into production of LSD in Switzerland in 1947 shortly after the 2nd World War II. The pharmaceutical manufacturer was of SG Warburg
a financial firm linked U.S. central bank founder Paul Warburg estate (“Warburg” was a name adopted from Merchant of Venice found Abraham del Banco family.) < p> If mass production began on the mood drug
far away in USA Paul Warburg
an intelligence service received a high level directions for research into the effects of LSD to start on people. The program
code-named MKULTRA
was two decades later in a report to Congress. disclosed Nevertheless
the impact on long experimenters were known. produces a quantity as small as the weight of 1 / 10 of a grain of sand hallucination. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided a list of restricted drug LSD. At the same time influential think-tank men like Aldous Huxley were for the use of LSD. Their strange voices prevailed. ATF – a contrast Troopers of the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol
Firearms and Explosives) had been known to sign in
the Davidians President Bill Clinton Attorney General Janet Reno and classmates. The ATF approach soldiers throwing fire bombs
gas bottles in the wooden building of the Branch Davidians. The little-known group is thought to be broken off by U.S. intelligence of the Assemblies of God (the group was one of several as a pilot community for behaviouralist studies by the agency.) Janet Reno’s sparked incendiary gas an inferno
and next to seal the lips of David Khoresh “killed all the adults and children in the Texas building also. Other such control groups had died in all subjects
the People’s Temple and Heaven’s Gate (Paul Wilshire and more sources on the net to beat David Khoresh was among the bait
which the intelligence is used to turn the group) ; Continue .. Now
when you look at the net
you will notice that a “mysterious other” soldiers of the FDA kept away from rock concerts for young people if the contract Mä ; men distribute packages of LSD (the Woodstock Festival was in August 1969). This distribution included concerts by the Beatles. A promoter that was found in the future Beatles
Brian Epstein
the independent (he ran a record store) in a paid manager of EMI (or electrical and mechanical instruments
an axial UK defense contractor) converted. The musicians were then given the name “Beatles”
a pun commercial exchange their original
secular name Quarrymen. “ The play-by-ear performers have been playing Rock ‘n Roll music from the U.S. (where it was developed by America’s black boogie-woogie) imported. For the artists
then shadow-wrote songs like “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (“LSD”). Musicologist based in bankrolling contributed to classical music (for example
Tchaikovsky and Borodin) and EMI with the question of parlaphone label plates and finally to the new compositions received broadcast hours. This combination suddenly pushed the UK and the USA national audience up and out 3-chord music. The rebellious Irishmen in John Lennon had
not come with the fame and fortune that soothes (command at a performance for the queen
he asked them with jewels to rattle them.) A sense of fairness made him a glance from the West to Asia. EMI Manager Epstein was removed by his death in his London home at the age of 32 and the Beatles had broken up. Lennon went to the crucifixion. Bullet holes entered his left side after the autopsy report
now in power and therefore were fired from a door (alleged conspiracy scripter Robert Rosen and the “New York Times had in 1980 claimed that” offender “Chapman
while fired on Lennon’s right) New substance -. Boundless” I “ In wake of the artificial
drop-out subculture created two problems: (1) The global South was thick with dissent. The developing countries believed that the elites of the north were from industry in the South
arguing that industry would deal with small number of people. At the same time
in India
China and the East Asian tigers seen development of modern manufacturing. So the anti-industrialization fable began to falter. Painstaking academic – global in both north and south – was seen by the system of “Small is Beautiful” (2 (Western protectionists such as EF Schumacher and Dudley Seers.) ) after the peak of protest rallies of the 1960s saw the newly induced drug culture young people not only drop out of rallies and participate in hippie lifestyle. Some chose to be yuppies (young climbers young people.) They took it that the Office should be to afford a BMW
when they sang together. So in two modes
yuppie and hippie
genuine commitment to social and corporate institutions began to fade. Anglo-American Innovation rejuvenated. But
as you see still rule the world? A new plot was to be retained the levers of control with the dynastial Bold and Beautiful versus the world. The new substance was administered to “Free to Choose.” The fable was injected in the media by Nobel laureate Milton Friedman in 1976. His consequence
a cult of the infinite “I”
was rushed away in most countries of the West and Sri Lanka. Western news agencies (eg Reuters) and TV (including CNN) would outmuscle local journalists and television news presenters. Later
the IMF / World Bank established the unlimited “I” through “reforms” that reduce or dormant Central Bank and other controls. Starting from Sri Lanka made in the USA
infinite “I” was transformed to (logically) into limitless “liability” for millions of ordinary households. Behind the stimulus adapted from advertisers (“Your Right to Choose”)
it was Milton Friedman
the task that fat-cat financiers came to guarantee a winner. He had collected part of this agenda in 1964
an asset for Barry Goldwater
Las Vegas casino mob to follow in the footsteps of the murdered President Kennedy. Step After President Reagan won the White House with Milton Friedman
the last position in 1976 as an economic adviser to Kennedy’s advisers JK Galbraith counter. Private donors have their free lunch
you and I – unlimited obligations. Next
the Anglo-American banks – the fat cats controlled – hid knowledge of private profits
the banks that they’re probably wondering the taxpayers for missing capital <. p> Now – Astronaut astronaut Leonov was on the list of the five persons abroad
the Arthur C. Clarke called when Sri Lanka’s 90th Clarke Birthday to celebrate. An unknown to the Nobel Committee created the concepts of the Clarke orbit artificial satellite and the Internet with the help of the world every day. had Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry I
your narrator selected to serve as an astronaut Leonov of the translators. The three days that I served helped me out of the experience of the person who will benefit now heads Russia’s Space Academy. Our relation sh
ip accident led to trust him too much
speak openly with me. When I finally saw him at the airport
he left me with the words: “. I must go now
or our conversation will never end” Leonov turned out to be be a lover of spicy food. The hotel with a veranda overlooking the sea also has its lobsters and crabs in abundance. One morning I put this question to him: “What is the most important quality in a man” Leonov thought briefly and said: “The ability to fight with itself.” I understood him. Suppression was even taught by wise men
including the sub-continent
where Leonov said. May I introduce myself counterpoint. World should revolve around me! I was on the same self-sea-front porch with a second guest sits Clarke. This was a PhD scientist working for NASA. I also asked him what was the most important property of a man. The scientist said: “Self-respect. “He meant well
but this ethic was made with respect to undo” obsession with himself “for the” me generation “of the 1970s. “self-respect” in the context of the prospects needs of the era who hear of Reagan comrade-at-Arms Margaret Thatcher extends to. She had announced
“There is no such thing as society – there are only individuals and families. “Said A popular song
apparently without sarcasm:” I believe that the world revolve around me
“Have fraudsters like Bernard Madoff need! more inviting? Previously
Sony had no further use as a Betamax and Walkman name with its introduction of new products. The later commercial pandering to self-adulation evoked MyYahoo
iPod and iPhone. A British jeweler called “Me Me Me”. With each drifted into doing his own thing I have to distrust my neighbor on the agenda. This is
of course
if my neighbor claims and fame are all to blame others for shortcomings in the road. I Getta DA FAME -. Getta U DA BLAME Our ability to share useful information breaks down. To dullness of mind I turn to overcome TV. There is a machine-wash recycled my head. An emptying loneliness? Videos provide me with Air-Brush godlings with whom to mix ego. New “Cold War” Neighborhood Chat? My iPhone will take me up
up and away to the internet MySpace
where can I overcome the loneliness of life in the neighborhood and office
where a post-Soviet-American Arms Race dividend has arrived. The dividend came in the form of a new “cold war” any-to-the-other. With regard to the war-All-the-other
it was proposed by Thomas Hobbes pamphleteer. He suggested that a population could be most easily managed by the sovereign when the company was on the atomized individual. Hobbes it was established
and by the British statesmen of the 17th Century rejected. These statesmen were correct
it was introduced in the 20th Century caused the atomization of society. In the United Kingdom has therefore rejuvenated innovation and the country has a foreign debt that is greater than U.S. debt per citizen cultivated. Some clever researchers have been able to study different aspects of the topic. Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell put their findings in a book titled “Me! Me! Me! American narcissism epidemic. “A small excerpt follows below. People are anxious to create a “personal brand” (also known as “self-branding”)
the packaging will be sold as a product itself. to proclaim ads for financial services that will help the pension back to childhood and pursue your dreams. Pummel high school classmates and then try attention for their violence by posting YouTube videos of the beatings. the relentless rise of narcissism in our culture: Although this seems like
a random collection of current trends
are all rooted in a single underlying shift in American psychology. Not only are there more narcissistic than ever before
but non-narcissistic people are seduced by the increasing emphasis on material wealth
cult of celebrity and attention seeking. Standards have shifted
sucking otherwise unassuming man in the maelstrom of granite tricked
MySpace pages and plastic surgery. A popular dance track repeats the words “Money
Glamour” over and over and explained that all other values “are either discredited or destroyed.” The United States is currently suffering an epidemic of narcissism … In data of 37
000 students
narcissistic personality traits increased as fast as pronounced obesity from the 1980s to the present
with the shift
especially for women. The increase in narcissism is accelerating
with scores rising faster in the 2000s than in earlier decades. agreed by the year 2006 1 of 4 students
with the majority of the terms on a standard measure of narcissistic traits. Mere List “Celebrity narcissism: Poor reflection for children is “a report in USA Today by Sharon Jayson submitted . you conduct interviews and expert doctor Drew Pinsky and S. Mark Young
a social scientist
on their book “The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism is Seducing America.” you quoted: “It can be especially dangerous for young people who Beru .
view celebrities as role models “ Q: Let’s start with the title. What do you understand by the average “mirror effect”
and why you say it is a problem? A: I have worked with many celebrities
many years. I have treated many for chemical dependency and the like. They have deep childhood trauma. It’s not something you want to lead with their work or live it. They just happen to people driven to seek fame as a way to feel better … We take someone who needs to be a god
making them a god. * * * Now to continue observations of the U.S. move
the effect comes as a logical consequence godling limitless choice. To have bitten that apple makes the victim trying to say “no” to duty. In the family
children under the programming of TV often say “no” (Madonna handler delivered video “Daddy Do not Preach!) To guidance by an older private office
donated to the aggression
the Cold War and emptiness that even at home. A morning to experience. I was at a state bank that serves the public in Sri Lanka. I was working at a bank in an interview with 20 years experience. I asked him
two tall
slender women bank employees
one a Hindu with a sari and the other was wearing a trouser suit and a Muslim headscarf
“Which of the two ? women is smarter “ He said:” There is not much difference. You see
young people rely on mere list and is not responsible. “ I had to call the post office. Such a state institution
I decided to query the gray-haired postmaster. His response was instantaneous “The young are irresponsible.” What a sea change between the two generations! Reflections of the old friendship Later
at midnight on Christmas Eve 2009
I came across a television broadcast of mass from a Catholic cathedral in northern Colombo. A teenager listening recited a prayer in Tamil and followed to perfection in the Sinhalese. A short sermon Sinhala was then delivered by a senior priest and this was followed by a sermon in Tamil
because the neighborhood has a large Tamil population. Nevertheless
prayer and answer soon came in Sinhala. Then there was singing in Tamil. Now this is the nation
schemers in the war in 1983 was triggered
five years after the use of unlimited choi
ce as a principle for the nation. A view of the world led to the principle of unlimited range U.S. foreign trade in a huge dependence on imports. To foot the bill for the financing of these imports
decided the United States
China and other savings on arrival in the U.S. on the purchase of government bonds and commercial paper from. With the U.S. in a recession
the transfer of these funds are now somewhere else. Appear China turns its foreign exchange earnings to improve infrastructure access for China’s economy. This includes the development of a port facility in southern Sri Lanka and overland pipelines for oil and gas from Central Asia to China. Today the world to China
that the tradition to keep his ego under control is waiting on the principle that an astronaut Leonov mentioned. * * * An English friend asked me a few days ago: “What do we do?” In stunning time we must hold in a kind of fortress. I replied: “Old wine
old shoes and old friends.”

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Cannes apartment to rent and their institutions

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Cannes is the splendor of the French Riviera embellished with all and is fully satisfied through the occupied city in Cannes.Cannes with several apartments Cannes as the city with tourists in all its seasons is filled. Cannes is one of the few places in the world where the year has been working with celebrations
parties and public. Where is the accommodation for all would be hard. But you can find apartment in Cannes
where houses are affordable here and you can rent all kinds of Cannes apartment to find based on your economic grid. Cannes rental apartments is the best place to stay and is in the heart of Cannes. And it’s thriving nightlife
where to fantastic dining
dancing and bars are packed with joy
satisfaction and fun atmosphere and there would not enjoy or care for melancholic place Kö ; can. Here in Cannes rentals you swing and dance to the tunes of Cannes Cannes Apartment Rental city.From played it is just a turn away from the white sandy beaches
it is well thought out and centered sense of rest for the Planning your breaks. And most of the attractions near the cozy apartment in Cannes
including nearby shopping
entertainment and nightlife opportunities
Promenade de la Croisette
the Palais des Festivals
Rue d’Antibes
Cannes Bay
and the countless historical destinations in the French Riviera are also close to most attractions in Cannes by.One city Biggs Museum of American Art in the vicinity of the historic district of Dover . And in this museum you will also be able to impressive collections
which covers over 200 years of national art.You can find head of Air Mobility Command Museum imagine. You can spend the day browsing their collection of artifacts and the Air Force
the special exhibits year level. Visit horse racing and slot facility. Take time for the casino before you see the horse races. The races can be viewed from November to April.Be for the cold pack safely when traveling in winter. The temperatures are often below freezing in winter. Check out the forecast before planning your trip to sleep in the open. In Oceanside bungalows
can stimulate hard
so let women Cannes apartment could best plan for billets.The airport is only minutes from Cannes apartment rental. The ordinary path
and the tram are convenient modes transport.Cannes is a beautiful and exciting tourist destination and famous for its luxurious villas
exclusive apartments
trendy restaurants
beautiful street walls
interesting museums and stunning landscapes. The spot is so pleasant and fresh
that our eyes get immersed in the sky blue colors. Apartment in Cannes
and their accommodation offers the highest consistency in quality
service and style
her sharp and attentive service enables them to be more done with greater efficiency and control. And through their network
they offer unsurpassed service
just never overwhelming and always warm. Fascinated
decorated with rich
easy charm and function
spotlessly clean
high ceilings
large terrace overlooking cobblestone pedestrian zone and plenty of light set up on Cannes best.So in planning for a trip to Cannes
just not worry about the accommodation you will find to be Cannes apartments for all areas of people than ever their economic networks. Cannes apartment to rent gives you the best facilities to go to ensure your trip Cannes is one of the most memorable and relaxing outdoor travel make the life!

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