The Black Keys Sue Pinnacle Entertainment

Unibet review: In 1988, the warbler Tom Waits successfully sued Frito-Lay after they recorded their own version of the Waits song Step Right Up to be featured in a Doritos ad. This despite Waits refusing to license his song for use by the company. It was a costly mistake. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, awarded Waits $2.375,00 for false endorsement, and the misappropriation of his voice. A nightmare for Frito-Lay, but a result for Waits; maybe that’s why he also had a similar suit against Audi and complaints settled by Levi’s and Opel in later years.

The Black Keys are the latest bunch of rock n rollers to take up the fight against copyright infringement, after suing Casino owner Pinnacle Entertainment. The motion coming after The Black Keys settled lawsuits with both Pizza Hut and Home Depot for unauthorised use of their music.

Pinnacle Entertainment was founded in 1938 and currently has around 7,600 employees. It owns seven casinos based in the United States and it is two of these establishments that The Black Keys have said are using music that is ‘substantially similar” to their track Howlin’ for You. It is believed the music has been used in TV commercials created by both Pinnacle Entertainment and Manhattan Production Music.

The legal team representing Pinnacle Entertainment have their work cut out, after the company allegedly boasted on social media networks of the likeness between the music they used and the Black Keys songs. In a bizarre twist of fate, this may in fact be exactly where the Ohio rockers were made aware of the potential copyright infringement.

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