The Nokia E5 is equipped with 3G, Wi-Fi and has a full QWERTY keyboard for messaging support

E5 Nokia has equipped with 3G
Wi-Fi and has a full QWERTY keyboard for messaging support. All hands point to more business users than home users
it is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera and a 2.36-inch QVGA screen
you get a full web browser and a wide range start of messaging and e-mail services. Nokia made sure there are basic services for multimedia and entertainment
but this unit was definitely focused on communication and professional use. Nokia Sony Ericsson tried to steal there been valued customers with the Vivaz and for the throat with the potential Blackberry bats ignored the E5
is aesthetically very ä
similar to the Blackberry Curve
the keyboard is very good size for typing messages and the screen was horizontal for a broader perspective on news websites and is installed. The color variation of E5 was in very much
it can be black
carbon white
brown and blue
come Nokia have tried to share
but also can not imagine seeing someone younger than 35 years with a brown phone. The standard Nokia E5 comes with a 2GB microSD card
but this can be expanded to 32GB
if you wish. Nokia have the device available on the Symbian S60 operating system
Nokia fans familiar even in the area
the menu system is easy and the home screen is packed with useful information and practical links to your preferred contacts
e-mail and various other sections as the Web browser and camera. The interface is the application-based software that you download the possibility of additional content on Ovi Store;. You can choose from thousands of applications
many games and lots of themes to choose your experience E5 fresh Another advantage of the Nokia Ovi branding is the messaging support with there free mail and Ovi Ovi chat features. Set up e-mail accounts from the E5 is very simple; accounts can be set up and treated with Gmail
Hotmail and other POP users with Exchange ActiveSync
the IM client information from popular websites can also process and GoogleTalk Pick up from the pile of windows live. Nokia
the E5 and share with social network integration to satisfy the modern generation
Facebook and Twitter accounts can be managed together with others
a lot of this messaging support is provided by the phones 3G technology
in line is through the phones online activities treated ‘. ; / P> A tidy 5-megapixel digital camera has been installed for the snap-happy users
it manages stills and videos very well
and you can use E5’s sharing functions to upload content on the Web. The device is comfortable with a music player and video player and equipped them with both handling multiple audio and video codecs. The entertainment area of the phone also has an FM radio
so you can login with your favorite shows and the 3.5 mm jack lets you in and hear with your own headphones
rer. Finally
there reminded Add Nokia Ovi Maps application to prevent there enthusiastic supporter from the beginning there lost in order the Nokia Store. The Nokia E5 is an executive-Smartphone
it leads to a professional standard and looks the part too. the screen provides you with a decent overview of web pages
and the phones entertainment area is packed full of goodies to play with you
the Ovi wade through tons of downloadable content store for you and the Interface is a familiar box of the game for many cell phone users. Nokia has goal of creating a powerful 3G device which will provide its users with everything they need to achieve to maintain an organized business and social life.

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